FSH Electromagnetic Shear Locking Device Single



FSH shear locks are an evolutionary product based on the proven EML concept, designed for applications where the door swings up to a180 degree arc.


    Whilst a standard Eml provides a tensile force, a shear lock differs as it resists a shear or sliding force. when the shear lock detects the door in the closed position, the magnet "sucks" the armature plate up by up to 5mm and traps the armature in the lock body frame.


    • Holding Strength : Up to 250kg holding force
    • Voltage/Current : at 12VDC x 1A(in-rush) 200mA(normal) at 24VDC x 0.5A '100mA'
    • Monitoring : Lock Status Sensor, LED indicator
    • Size : 166 x 31 x 21 mm