KEYLOK Flap Barrier Turnstile



The flap barrier are popular barrier system that provide fast access clearance with minimum supervision. The passage way is blocked by means of two acrylic wings. Upon validated open signal from an access control system, the wings will retact completely into the housing, It closes immediately after a person walks throught. It can integrate with most access control, ticketing, ESD system for quick and automatic clerance. It is widely used in areas such as metro railway, passanger, terminal, airport, immigration checkpoint, factory, building and stadium.


  • Dimension : 1400 x 300 x 1000 mm
  • Features : The lanes can be configured for entry, exit or bi- directional access.
  • Materials : The cabinet panel are stainless steel ASTN SUS304 as standard. Other options are available, SUS316 or mild powder coating with preferred colors.
  • Voltage/Current : AC 230V, 50Hz ; 2.5A Inrush 4A