KEYLOK Surface Mount Magnetic Contact



125Khz-A (EM Reader) & 13.56Mhz-A (Mifare Reader) transceiver unit is designed for reading card read only-tags and is a major component in RFID(Radio Frequency Indentification) reader system. It can be applied in office/home scurity, personal identification, access control, anti-firgery interactive toy and production control system etc.


  • Material : ABS case, OKI reed relay
  • Wire Connection : UL wire 1007#22AWG I-450mmm
  • Dimension : 17 x 9 mm
  • GAP : 20-25mm
  • Output : NC- Normal Close output NO & NC - Need to specify
  • Color : White and Brown
  • Electrical Specification : 1W, 124V, 0.3A