ICT PROTEGE Apartments & Condos

10 November 2017
Apartment Control - Behaves like an isolated intruder alarm system but can still be centrally managed and monitored by building management staff.


    Central Monitoring - Provides added peace of mind by ensuring security personnel are alerted when an alarm in activated.


      Mobile Control - Use your smartphone to get the same peace of mind that you have at home, while you are away.


        Intercoms - Intuitive interface for visitors to communicate with tenants or building management.


          Elevator Control - Increases building security, provides added convenience, and improves the flow of people.


            Central Control - One unified system to manage the entire complex reduces operating costs and provides an immediate return on investment.


              Video Surveillance - Control cameras, and view live and historical video footage from a single easy to use interface.


                Automation - Create a responsive environment by controlling air-conditioning, lighting, AC systems and more, from one easy to use interface.


                  Intrusion Detection - An extensive set of security features ensure tenants are protected without compromising on their comfort and ease of access.


                    Community Amenities - Easily control access to communal amenities such as club rooms, gyms and swimming pools.


                      Parking Solutions - Enter secure parking areas without leaving your vehicle.