Nedap Upass - Technologies for a Variety of Applications

09 May 2017
Nedap's handsfree access solutions represents the latest in technology for secure handsfree doors access and other RFID applications.


    Our readers combine the convenience of traditional door automation with the security of restricted access.


      Our handsfree access system are made up of a reader and a tag. Tha readers are installed next to a door or gate. A long range tag visible in line of sight of the reader will be identified at distances up to 12 ft (4 m). For smaller application that require convenient and security such as office doors, high volume entrances and disabled access, uPASS reader can be used. uPASS access is a small UHF reader that reads access card at a distance of up to 2 meter (6 feet).


        It is ideal for emergency rooms, disabled access, secure warehouse facilities, building access, mining access and gated vehicle access.