Upgrade Your Card Printing by Security MAGICARD Printer with Custom Holokote

05 November 2016
Whatever your requirements for plastic card printing, Magicard range of ID card printers offers the very best in image quality, security and innovation.


    Magicard offers different type of card printers srating from the most economical with basic features to the more secure features.


      Magicard's patented holokote technology is a secure watermark that is frosted onto the card surface during the normal print cycle using standard consumables (dye fit and cards). For enhanced visual security customer holokote enables an organization to implement their own personalized logo or other security design.


        Magicard provide rewritable feature. Rewritable cards have on glossy side in PVC for color or monocrome dye sublimation printing and a matt finish side with a blue or black therm-chronic sensitive material that can be reprinted up to 500 times.


          Encoding options is also available. Card encoding enables electronic data to be written to the card as it is being printed. Magicard printers support a wide range of integrated card encoding options.


            Another point to consider of using Magicard is the goal to keep things simple. All type of magicard's printers is using the same type of dye film.