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The Complete IP Camera Range

Illustra, from Tyco Security Products, features the widest range of IP cameras in the industry: including the low-cost, reliable Essentials Series, to the mid-range, highly versatile Flex Series, to the feature-rich, ultra high-resolution Professional Series. ...

KeyWatcher TOUCH We've got the touch

Our new big, bright 7" touchscreen gives you an easier-to-use interface. But that's not all that's new. We listened to you and made KeyWatcher Touch even more capable. The new KeyAnywhere feature enables you to ...

Fastest Face Recognition Terminal

FaceStation is an IP based biometric access control terminal featuring facial recognition technology which identifies individuals from their facial image features. Conventional face recognition technology contains inherent weak points brought by lighting intensity and pose ...

Auto Gates of Exceptional Design and Engineering

Our auto-gates do more than just provide accurate movement control within a building; we design them to complement the crafted ambience envisioned by architects and building owners. We appreciate the reality of managing movement flow ...

ICT PROTEGE Apartments & Condos

Apartment Control - Behaves like an isolated intruder alarm system but can still be centrally managed and monitored by building management staff. ...

Highly Adaptable & Secure High Frequency Access Control Solution

HID Global's iCLASS SE access control platform goes beyond the traditional smart card model to offer a secure, standards-based and flexible platform that has become the new benchmark for highly adaptable, interoperable and secure access ...

The Ultimate Solution for Vehicle and Driver Identification in Demanding Situations

This extremely robust reader, based on semi active RFID technology, has been specifically designed to perform in high security applications and harsh environmental conditions. TRANSIT Standard reader ensures that a vehicle will only be granted ...

Energy Saving Electromechanical Locking Devices

It is now an accepted scientific fact that carbon dioxide (CO2) is destroying our planet. With this in mind FSH has engineered a range of energy saving high security electromechanical locking devices, setting the trend ...

Secure Card Issuance for Every Budget, Industry and Application

Cards have become a part of everyday life. Used for gaining access to buildings and facilities, verifying that individuals are who they say they are, or simply being used to purchase goods or services, cards ...

Secure access to business-critical and cloud applications any time, anywhere

Organizations require the ability to better control access and employ strong authentication throughout their infrastructure as part of their multi-layered security strategy. Offering the only true converged access solutions in the market, HID ...

Nedap Upass - Technologies for a Variety of Applications

Nedap's handsfree access solutions represents the latest in technology for secure handsfree doors access and other RFID applications. ...

Locker Lock Controller Secure Your Locker

RS485 Relay Module is a 31 channels output module with a maximum control load of 3A per channel. The Relay board is designed for cabinet keyless entry or electronic locker access control. An Add-on board ...

MILRE Premium Luxurious Digital Door Lock

Milre Systek is a leader and specialist of digital door lock in Korea market with excellent quality and design. It is ideal for Interior Office Doors, Private or Service Apartments, Common Area Doors and Sensitive ...

NDE Series Wireless Lock with ENGAGE™ technology

The Schlage NDE Series wireless lock with ENGAGE™ technology is designed to be easy to install, connect, manage, and use. Developed specifically for facilities that want to upgrade to electronic credentials for improved security ...

KEYLOK ACCESS in Indonesian Language

We are pleased to introduce Keylok Access in Indonesian Language ...




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